It’s easy to get swept up in the pictorial image of homesteading life.  Green pastures, newly hatched fluffy chicks, a bountiful garden and orchard, bouncy goat kids, and spectacular sunsets.  Unfortunately, where there is life there is death, and sadly this weekend we were reminded of this. A few weeks ago we ushered three wobbly

Starting Onions from Seed

If you’ve ever grown onions in the home garden you’re probably most familiar with growing onions from sets.  These are the small bulbs that look like miniature onions.  They’re fun, cute, and inviting.  Onion sets are readily available, inexpensive, and easy to plant.  In fact, you can find them at most feed and seed stores,

Spring Ahead

It’s officially spring time at our zone 5, upstate NY homestead!  Before I get too excited… that still means snow on the ground.  In fact, it’s snowing outside, right now.  Cold. Wet. Heavy. Slushy. Snow.  Did I mention cold? Not really the spring time image of green, birds singing, and warm weather. What does that